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Welcome to the Zoopla Developer Network

Zoopla has launched an open API to allow developers to create applications using hyper local data on 27m homes, over 1m sale and rental listings, and 15 years of sold price data. 

All data is UK only.

Background to the Zoopla API

Online information is now consumed at such a pace, across such a breadth of media that syndication of data, and the accessibility of that data to users and developers is more and more important. Zoopla is one of the UK's leading providers of property data for consumers and property professionals, giving access to information on 27,000,000 homes, up to 1,000,000 property listings and 15 years of sold prices data. We're now we're inviting developers to create new, exciting applications to distribute this content and change the landscape for those wishing to make more astute property decisions. 

What can you use Zoopla API data for?

- Provide contextual local data on average current property values or average sold prices by property type.

- Show listings for sale and rent properties on maps, including supporting descriptions, images and agent contact details. 

- Display graphs showing local property value data and trends 

Get started today

Using the Zoopla API has been designed to be hassle-free. Just follow these simple steps and start developing using Zoopla data.

  1. If you think our data would help your business, you can get in touch to discuss the commercial arrangements to access the API by contacting Hometrack at zapi@hometrack.com

  2. Browse the documentation to understand how to use the API and the specifications for the individual APIs.

  3. Join a discussion in the forums.

User requirements

Because we're making so much of our data available for third parties to use, we ask that in return a few principles are adhered to:

- Always use the "Powered by Zoopla" logo below with the linking HTML provided.

<img src="https://www.zoopla.co.uk/static/images/mashery/powered-by-zoopla-150x73.png" width="150" height="73" title="Property information powered by Zoopla" alt="Property information powered by Zoopla" border="0">
Property information powered by Zoopla

- Do not amend the output URLs in anyway.

- If you link out to Zoopla.co.uk then ensure a rel="nofollow" is used

- Please refer to Zoopla in the correct light, reflecting our desire to make property information more transparent and accessible to all.

- Please provide feedback so that we can make the API as useful and smooth-running as possible.