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Arrange Viewing

Description: Submit a viewing request to an agent regarding a particular listing.
Access URI: https://api.zoopla.co.uk/api/v1/arrange_viewing

For testing purposes, we have blacklisted zoopla_developer@mashery.com for your convenience. 

Input parameters

This method requires a session ID, along with the following mandatory parameters.

Parameter name Description
session_id Obtain a session ID which is required for this method
listing_id The ID of the listing which this request relates to.
name Name of the customer.
email E-mail address which the agent can contact the customer on.
phone Phone number on which the agent can contact the customer.

The type of phone number provided, defaults to "mobile":

  • mobile
  • work
  • home

The best time for the agent to call the phone number provided, defaults to "anytime":

  • anytime
  • afternoon
  • evening
  • morning
message A free-form message to be sent to the agent along with the other details, defaults to a blank message.

Generated output

The following output parameters are generated.

Key name Description
success Either "1" or "0" to indicate whether the request was successful. If a value of "0" is returned there will also be an "error" parameter generated.

The error which cause the request to be unsuccessful, which can be one of the following values:

  • invalid_email - the e-mail address that was provided was invalid.
  • expired_listing - the listing which was associated with the request has since expired and can no longer be viewed.