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What is wrong with this URL

  1. Message edited by Matt 6 years ago

  2. Matt6 years ago


    First off you're provided far more information than you need to and can have no way to accurately determine which of your search criteria are actually being used. Secondly "output_type" isn't a valid output parameter for a property_listings search, so that can be removed and you're providing a lot of extra parameters that may be confusing the search.

    I believe the specific reason that your query is returning 0 results is because you have "minimum_beds=" and "maximum_beds=", which is being taken to mean "I want 0 bedrooms". If you were to remove this restriction (or set it to a valid value) then you'll receive a result set containing 1,123 listings.

    Hope that helps,


  3. Native Breed6 years ago

    Hi Matt - I noticed that after posting the url. Problem now fixed.

    PS: please could you remove my api-key from the url above. Thanks

  4. Native Breed6 years ago

    I am loving this api ;) I need to interest api call rates/limits

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