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  1. Hi,

    Has the Zoopla Estimates changed? The documentation talks about a rental_estimate, but it looks like it's been replaced by rental_estimate_uper and _lower. Also, the value returned seems a bit high: ["rental_estimate_value_upper"]=> string(5) "12804" ["estimate_value"]=> string(7) "2688610" Are the value: £1280.4 and £268,861.0 ?

    Thank you

    Message edited by pukkafish 6 years ago

  2. Matt6 years ago


    It seems that when the API documentation was updated it was done so incorrectly - to the best of my knowledge the rental estimates have always been upper and lower bounds, rather than a specific value. I'll change this immediately, thanks for letting me know.

    I believe that these values are integer values of the estimates, rather than floating point/decimal, which would make them "£12,804" and "£2,688,610" respectively.



  3. pukkafish6 years ago

    Thanks Matt.

    I need to return a list of properties. And in that list, I need to display the estimates. So, I will need to call two functions: http://api.zoopla.co.uk/api/v1/property_listings and http://api.zoopla.co.uk/api/v1/zoopla_estimates.

    What's the best practice to make sure the estimate I'm displaying is for the house I'm listing? I can't see a unique identifier like, for example, property_id.

    Regards, Olivier

  4. Matt6 years ago

    Hi Olivier,

    I think maybe you're confusing properties and listings - the former are physical property around the UK (this is what zoopla_estimates relates to) and the other are for-sale/to-rent listings that appear on the Zoopla.co.uk website (this is what property_listings retrieves).

    I'm afraid that at current there is no guaranteed way to link the two through the public API.


  5. pukkafish6 years ago

    Thank you Matt

    If I understand well, if there is a property on the market for sale, I won't be able to display an estimate value of the rent for that property?


  6. Matt6 years ago

    Hi Olivier,

    That's right, yes. We are currently working on exposing the listing to property (and vice versa) mappings that we've been able to generate, but at this time it is unavailable.

    Hope that helps,


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